Q.Z. Lau

Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

I still wish I could have gotten a sharper result, but sometimes you have to make do with the equipment that you have on hand (a DSLR shooting at 250mm with a tripod). I was particularly taken by the prominence of Tycho in the finished picture.

Akihabara, Tokyo

Truth be told, I didn't understand Akihabara at all. But that's probably because I don't really watch anime or read manga. 


Really didn't spend as much time in Kyōtō as I wanted - but at least I got to visit Kiyomizu-dera. There are so many beautiful temples and shrines in the city that I suspect it would take a couple of weeks to see them all.

Ph.Ds Data, National Science Foundation 2016

Sobering statistics from Laura McKenna at The Atlantic: A Ph.D. who wins the rare job as a tenure-track professor earns on average about $60,000 per year, according to the NSF report. In contrast, post-doc positions—temporary research spots that are most common in the sciences and draw 39 percent of the…

On TextExpander

TextExpander has long been one of my most frequently used programs on the Mac - it allows for me to drastically cut down on the amount of time I spend writing common phrases, which is especially useful for quickly typing long foreign names in my field of work (history). For…

Ukiah Reflections

Back in Ukiah, there's this pond near by house. In truth, it's not really a pond; it's just a reservoir for the nearby vineyard. It's been dry for most of the last few years, but this spring break when I returned I saw that it was incredibly full - almost…

Churchill Learning Latin

I recently came upon Churchill's account of his Latin-learning experience while reading a book on historical Japanese linguistics (what that has to do with Churchill, I'm still not sure), and it vaguely reminds me of my experiences learning Classical Chinese when I was young. At that time I had no…

Rubio’s Concession Speech

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFNU84MTwJQ I'm no fan of Marco Rubio. In many ways, his policies are even more extreme than the vast majority of the Republican Party, despite his favored position in the establishment (he opposes abortion even in the case of rape, for example). However, I thought he gave a very powerful…

Technology Tuesday: Flightradar 24

As an aviation geek, one of my favorite apps has been Flightradar24 - specifically, the ability to point to almost any plane passing in the sky and see what aircraft it is, which airline it belongs to, and where it's going. It's not as useful here in Santa Barbara compared…

Chengyu: 吳市吹簫 / “To Beg for Food on the Streets”

吳市吹簫 Wú shì chuī xiāo Literal meaning: "to play the xiao in the market of Wu" Idiomatic meaning: "to beg for food on the streets" Shì 市 in this case does not refer to its common Mandarin meaning of "city"; rather, it's used in its older meaning of "market."