Month: April 2006

$6000 for a 4-day car rental. What?

My gosh – can anyone read the small print in the box at left? I tried to rent a car for my sister who’s going to Boston, and went priceshopping – Budget, Hertz, Avis, National, and finally, Dollar. I thought it was a glitch when the bill came up to almost $6,000 for four days of driving around in a Dodge Neon.
The company was going to charge me $999.9 per day and $330 per extra hour – not to mention an extra $1200 in “other fees”. And all this cash was going to be forked over (if I did purchase their car rental) so that I could drive in a Dodge Neon. Yes, a small car with less horsepower than a lobotomized snail going up a tree. One would expect a Rolls-Royce at that price.
But yet, it was no glitch. After clicking the “Refresh” button umpteenth times and re-entering all my information carefully, I was still stuck with a $6,000 price quote. And right underneath that eye-opening figure, a red line saying “Your Lowest Rates on” (you can see it in the picture).
So, let this be a warning to all people who do not compare prices, be it for a new digital camera, grandma’s shoes, or car rentals – bad research – or no research – can hurt. Badly.