Yearbook 2006 Released

Start lining up folks, for a very important moment – the yearbook of DVBS – called “Ice”. $25-$30 only – a bargain!

Update: The yearbook will cost $30 – and the actual cover looks slightly different than the one picture here. The icicle on the ‘0’ has been removed, and the text mirroring was removed after someone special told me that it didn’t look that great – and I concur.

Posted on: May 9, 2006, by : Q.Z.

2 thoughts on “Yearbook 2006 Released

  1. I must say thats alot better than my high school year book. ours just had a jeep….with WGHS on it…..and our principle, i think it was our principle im aint sure. im ganna be a junior next and wondered if you could tell me if its that much harder and if i should start worring now.
    any way if you want to know more bout me i guess just search Intro…im not sure i just made this. Also i love to help ppl.

  2. your your year book is cheap… but we have 1300= kids at my school compared to your 100… on the spine our name was mispelled though.. it said “weat valley” instead of “west valley” 😀

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