Month: June 2006

Summer Camp 2006 Begins!

Summer Camp at CTTB finally began today – well, for counselors at least. There’s almost twenty counselors, so there’s about two students per counselor. Pretty hectic then. Michael Lan, Davy and I are in charge of Annex #2, and Robert Chang, Michael H., and Simon are taking care of Annex #4. All other counselors and normal DVBS students live in Annex #3.

Actually, we didn’t do too much today, mostly getting lists of students printed out and trying to figure out who would sleep where. We also posted signs and directions for drivers coming into CTTB to register and entrust their poor children to us for an entire ten days. Very interesting, to say the least. One of our biggest priorities, is of course to keep everyone hydrated in this sweltering 111 degree heat.

New School Website

Everybody, the new school website for IG/DVS is up. I designed the front logo on the top, and did a bit of the background, where it says “Loyalty and Filiality” in Chinese. It looks much better than our old website, which I believe hadn’t really been updated since 2002. At that point, Gray Davis was still our governor even, and Dr. Lee was our principal, and I was just a junior high student, wet behind the ears.

Interestingly, my Wikipedia article (well, mine in the sense I created and maintained it) on Developing Virtue Secondary gets more hits on Google than the official school website. As proof, see here. Isn’t that weird?

CTTB from above.

This is the latest satellite photo (courtesy of Google Earth) of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. It’s actually very clear – much better than the old blurry one where everything was just a mass of pixels. But of course, one has to get Google Earth 4 Beta in order to see the new imagery.

Update: Wrong! Actually, the new satellite images are also in Version 3 of Google Earth – no need to download the new version, though v.4 is quite nice.

And I’m done.

I’m finally done with ice 2006 – finished at last! It’s been four agonizing weeks and the yearbook will be sent to the printer in a few hours – of course, after the teachers look over it first…

The final price for the yearbook will be $30, but if you buy it on Graduation night, it’ll cost $35. Better order fast – the printer’s only printing 60 copies. This will be a highly exclusive and rare yearbook for decades to come 😛