Summer Camp 2006 Begins!

Summer Camp at CTTB finally began today – well, for counselors at least. There’s almost twenty counselors, so there’s about two students per counselor. Pretty hectic then. Michael Lan, Davy and I are in charge of Annex #2, and Robert Chang, Michael H., and Simon are taking care of Annex #4. All other counselors and normal DVBS students live in Annex #3.

Actually, we didn’t do too much today, mostly getting lists of students printed out and trying to figure out who would sleep where. We also posted signs and directions for drivers coming into CTTB to register and entrust their poor children to us for an entire ten days. Very interesting, to say the least. One of our biggest priorities, is of course to keep everyone hydrated in this sweltering 111 degree heat.

Posted on: June 24, 2006, by : Q.Z.

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