Month: July 2006

Technology Names

I’ve always named my computers with Sanskrit names – I’ve always found Sanskrit names very appealing – if I am ever going to get a name that can be pronounced in English without choking, it would be in Sanskrit. It has a certain elegance to it that English can never have (Chinese has that elegance too) =), hence the reason I’ve never felt a need to get a Latinized name. But I’ve always given my computer names in Sanskrit:

Karuna (Great Compassion): This is the main desktop computer I’ve been using since February 2004 (with innumerable upgrades to the RAM, hard drive, video card, etc.), and it used to be the name of the old Power Mac 7300 I used before. Basically, this name is always given to my main desktop computer.

Kshanti (Patience): The new Dell laptop I got a week ago was given the name of Kshanti – which is fitting since I waited six weeks for the laptop to come 😛. Yep – and plus, the name sounds really good, and patience is something we all could use a little more of.

Kalpa (A really long period of time): This goes to the no-name-brand desktop that my dad picked up one day for free. It has a pokey 1.1 GHz AMD Duron processor, and a measely 128MB of RAM – that’s most certainly not enough for Windows XP! It also came with over a thousand pieces of viruses and spyware, which took me a whole afternoon at MCOE to cleanup (hopefully, I didn’t infect other computers along the way). It takes an eternity to start up, an eternity to log in, an eternity to launch a program, an eternity to load a CD, and an eternity to shut down – hence the well thought-out name “Kalpa”.

Kanthaka (The Buddha’s horse): Kanthaka was the horse the Buddha rode for his Great Departure from palatial life, and it’s kind of fitting for this laptop – a blue Sotec bought in Taiwan that’s actually pretty speedy for the specs. Unlike Kanthaka though, this laptop is crippled (the CD-ROM drive won’t work!) and it has to be plugged in to a wall at all times. I’m born in the Year of the Horse too, so I like the name very much.