Month: December 2006

It’s been a long time waiting, but… Princeton!

It’s been over a year since I began my college search, and traveled all over the East Coast to look for a good place to go to school after secondary school. In the twelve months that followed my visit, I have written dozens of essays, called, emailed, and talked with many college reps and college telephone operators (and gotten yelled at by USC).

I’ve always hoped that my college decision, wherever it may be, will cause others to be happy, and that I can go to college without having to impose a burden on my parents. Especially, when that burden comes in the form of green pieces of money.

Therefore, I’m thankful to QuestBridge, my teachers, my friends, and every single person who helped me with the past uncertain year – a year of constant wondering and worrying. I hope, that when I go to Princeton, that I will not let down everyone.

That said, I’m still in shock – I don’t think I really expected to get in with a full scholarship! I spent the whole day running to the school’s office computer, checking my mail to see if any emails had popped through – (even checking the spam, just in case..)

I’m just relieved now – relieved that I don’t have to write another college essay. I don’t know if I can still think of some new topics to write on. I’m brain-dead, in a sense – I spent the whole night on November 29 writing essays for UC, as their deadline was November 30. I stayed up until 4 AM, and surprisingly, I was able to actually function during class. (Supposedly, a person with less than 5 hours of sleep is worse than a drunkard… That must mean the whole senior class is drunk consistently).

Now, I have to withdraw the UC application, thankfully. Yay! Black and orange are going to be my favorite colors now. And I still need to get used to being a dragon and a tiger.