It’s the Journey That Counts

When you finally reach the end, you look back at the long road that you have just walked. You crane your head, searching for the beginning of the journey – the source of your great cause. It can still be seen, yet it seems so far away that it is as if another world – another time and place.

The road’s surface is covered with your sweat; it is flooded with your tears. It is overrun by your footprints, and it is soaked with your blood. The road has been blazed by you – obstacles and barriers hacked away, discarded, and broken through. You are a part of the road as much as that road is part of you.

Then you realize that the journey was what had brought you here. You came seeking knowledge and wisdom; strength and courage. You awaken to the fact that such qualities are not found at the end, but rather, they are forged through your journey and created by your toil. They are obtained through your way.

Finally, you understand that life is just that way. What counts is not that you have reached your end, but what you did along the way to that wonderful and blissful accomplishment.

Posted on: November 19, 2007, by : Q.Z.

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