Month: May 2008

Four Hours of Photoshop Work… For This!

Obviously, an essential part in any guidebook is a map. In this case, today I went hunting in the 1234 Building for a good map, but nothing I found was any good. Most of the others were either too old or completely out of scale. I think it’s been a while since anyone used a good map in a CTTB publication, which is actually kind of sad. So I took the best looking map I could find, which in this case is this completely convoluted CAD plan below with lots of lines and numbers.


Then, four hours of Photoshop work with my tablet, I turned it into this:


It’s color-coded to a certain color legend, which I haven’t put on. People who know CTTB will be able to guess what each color means. Keep in mind this is “raw”, which means I haven’t made the colors look brighter, etc or spruced it up in any way.

A New Project: CTTB Visitor’s Guide

CTTB Brochure Draft

Well, I have a new project that I’m doing to further my graphic design – something that falls on more of the “professional” look rather than the “freelance” work typical of many graphic designers, so obviously the result is going to be more plain/less outlandish.

Basically, it’s a guide for visitors to CTTB – something that has sorely been lacking in CTTB lately. Its function is to give visitor’s a brief overview of the history, an explanation of the buildings on campus and the educational/religious mission of CTTB, and I must admit, act as a sort of souvenir that people can bring back (you know all those pamphlets that parents bring back from college visits?).

It’s also designed to be translated into several languages for different people.

A note that all the pictures in below are placeholder – in fact the one on the “cover” is actually from Flickr. I’ll be actually taking my own pictures for the book, though if you have anything you’d like featured in it, tell me and I’ll consider it.

At least I have something to do now, instead of just staying home doing nothing.