Day: May 29, 2008

Four Hours of Photoshop Work… For This!

Obviously, an essential part in any guidebook is a map. In this case, today I went hunting in the 1234 Building for a good map, but nothing I found was any good. Most of the others were either too old or completely out of scale. I think it’s been a while since anyone used a good map in a CTTB publication, which is actually kind of sad. So I took the best looking map I could find, which in this case is this completely convoluted CAD plan below with lots of lines and numbers.


Then, four hours of Photoshop work with my tablet, I turned it into this:


It’s color-coded to a certain color legend, which I haven’t put on. People who know CTTB will be able to guess what each color means. Keep in mind this is “raw”, which means I haven’t made the colors look brighter, etc or spruced it up in any way.