Month: June 2008

Yes for Measure B!

Today was a big day for America, with Barack Obama becoming the Democratic nominee for president (much celebration was held on Facebook amongst us college students), but it was just as big a day for Mendocino County, as today, by 55-45%, Measure B was passed by Mendocino County voters.

So what’s Measure B?

As everyone knows, Mendocino County is part of the “Emerald Triangle.” Basically, most of the US’ marijuana is planted in the three counties of Trinity, Mendocino, and Humboldt in California. That’s not something to be proud of – a recent estimate put Mendocino’s economic money from pot at $500 million – five times more than our semi-famed wine industry.

High school teachers, newspaper reporters, and such have all been arrested with the possession of tens or hundreds of plants. It’s disgusting.

So Measure B would roll back Measure G, which was passed in 2000 which allows Mendocino “patients” to have 25 mature plants and also to make it the lowest priority in proscecution. Basically, it would go back to the state limit of six plants.

I still think that’s excessive because so many people here knows that smoke marijuana don’t have illnesses of any sort. Some write in the paper saying it’s a “right” to smoke pot. While I acknowledge there may be cases when people need it, this here is about commerical exploitation and profiteering. Urgh.

So today, Measure B was passed, and I’m really, really, happy. Better future for the US and Mendocino County!