Month: February 2009

Books I’m Reading Now: February 2009


From left to right:

Pyrrhonism: A book on similarities between elements of Greek and Buddhist philosophy, and influences of the former upon the latter.

Assassination Vacation: By Sarah Vowell (voice of Violet in the Incredibles), she revisits the scene and times of several of the more noted assassinations in American history. Quite engaging, actually.

The Heathen Chinee: A book on the anti-Chinese sentiment and discrimination in the US during the late 1800s and its influences on policy towards the Chinese in America.

Stuff White People Like: Title explains it all.

Ender’s Game: Probably one of the few science fiction novels I actually like, I’m re-reading it for fun.

Tunguska Fireball: An incident that happened in Siberia in 1908, widely thought to be a meteorite or piece of comet that had exploded in mid-air. Also very interesting.