Month: April 2009

Qin Zhi Lau: CTY RA!

Yay, I’m so happy, I got my RA position at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth! After almost five months of application and interview preparation, my efforts finally paid off. I’m really thankful that I got it, because it seems like there are a lot of internships this year that have ginormous amounts of students applying to as well. With CTY, I know what I’ll be doing this summer, and I know it’s going to be a fun summer and one full of new experiences. 

Thanks a lot to DM Tsung and Mrs. Paula Chow for writing references for me – without their help and support, I don’t know what I’d do. 

The site’s in Lancaster, PA – though it’s not one of my top choices, I think it’ll be great nonetheless. The only quibble I have is that it’s not close to any of my friends – e.g. LA and Princeton, so I’ll be a bit lonely on that front.