“Something Weird is Going On: What Did Jan Say?”

Something Weird is Going On: The Michael Scott Story

I’ve been a humongous fan of The Office ever since its fourth season (pretty sure the first episode I saw was “Fun Run”, which means I missed the long leadup to the Jim-Pam romance). It’s my go-to series when I do things, and it’s always a huge dose of nostalgia for my undergraduate years. I decided I wanted to bring to life a quote from Dwight:

Dwight: When you become close with someone, you develop a kind of sixth sense. You can read their moods like a book. And right now, the title of Michael’s book is, “Something Weird is Going On.” Colon, “What Did Jan Say? The Michael Scott Story. By Michael Scott, with Dwight Schrute.”

Posted on: December 28, 2015, by : Q.Z.