It’s been a long time waiting, but… Princeton!

It’s been over a year since I began my college search, and traveled all over the East Coast to look for a good place to go to school after secondary school. In the twelve months that followed my visit, I have written dozens of essays, called, emailed, and talked with many college reps and college telephone operators (and gotten yelled at by USC).

I’ve always hoped that my college decision, wherever it may be, will cause others to be happy, and that I can go to college without having to impose a burden on my parents. Especially, when that burden comes in the form of green pieces of money.

Therefore, I’m thankful to QuestBridge, my teachers, my friends, and every single person who helped me with the past uncertain year – a year of constant wondering and worrying. I hope, that when I go to Princeton, that I will not let down everyone.

That said, I’m still in shock – I don’t think I really expected to get in with a full scholarship! I spent the whole day running to the school’s office computer, checking my mail to see if any emails had popped through – (even checking the spam, just in case..)

I’m just relieved now – relieved that I don’t have to write another college essay. I don’t know if I can still think of some new topics to write on. I’m brain-dead, in a sense – I spent the whole night on November 29 writing essays for UC, as their deadline was November 30. I stayed up until 4 AM, and surprisingly, I was able to actually function during class. (Supposedly, a person with less than 5 hours of sleep is worse than a drunkard… That must mean the whole senior class is drunk consistently).

Now, I have to withdraw the UC application, thankfully. Yay! Black and orange are going to be my favorite colors now. And I still need to get used to being a dragon and a tiger.

Summer Camp 2006 Begins!

Summer Camp at CTTB finally began today – well, for counselors at least. There’s almost twenty counselors, so there’s about two students per counselor. Pretty hectic then. Michael Lan, Davy and I are in charge of Annex #2, and Robert Chang, Michael H., and Simon are taking care of Annex #4. All other counselors and normal DVBS students live in Annex #3.

Actually, we didn’t do too much today, mostly getting lists of students printed out and trying to figure out who would sleep where. We also posted signs and directions for drivers coming into CTTB to register and entrust their poor children to us for an entire ten days. Very interesting, to say the least. One of our biggest priorities, is of course to keep everyone hydrated in this sweltering 111 degree heat.

And I’m done.

I’m finally done with ice 2006 – finished at last! It’s been four agonizing weeks and the yearbook will be sent to the printer in a few hours – of course, after the teachers look over it first…

The final price for the yearbook will be $30, but if you buy it on Graduation night, it’ll cost $35. Better order fast – the printer’s only printing 60 copies. This will be a highly exclusive and rare yearbook for decades to come 😛

Yearbook 2006 Released

Start lining up folks, for a very important moment – the yearbook of DVBS – called “Ice”. $25-$30 only – a bargain!

Update: The yearbook will cost $30 – and the actual cover looks slightly different than the one picture here. The icicle on the ‘0’ has been removed, and the text mirroring was removed after someone special told me that it didn’t look that great – and I concur.

$6000 for a 4-day car rental. What?

My gosh – can anyone read the small print in the box at left? I tried to rent a car for my sister who’s going to Boston, and went priceshopping – Budget, Hertz, Avis, National, and finally, Dollar. I thought it was a glitch when the bill came up to almost $6,000 for four days of driving around in a Dodge Neon.
The company was going to charge me $999.9 per day and $330 per extra hour – not to mention an extra $1200 in “other fees”. And all this cash was going to be forked over (if I did purchase their car rental) so that I could drive in a Dodge Neon. Yes, a small car with less horsepower than a lobotomized snail going up a tree. One would expect a Rolls-Royce at that price.
But yet, it was no glitch. After clicking the “Refresh” button umpteenth times and re-entering all my information carefully, I was still stuck with a $6,000 price quote. And right underneath that eye-opening figure, a red line saying “Your Lowest Rates on Dollar.com” (you can see it in the picture).
So, let this be a warning to all people who do not compare prices, be it for a new digital camera, grandma’s shoes, or car rentals – bad research – or no research – can hurt. Badly.